About Us

That's Our Story ....and We're Sticking To It

Welcome to Silver Creek Industries. We’re a family-owned and operated business that creates fabulous hand-painted art glass in Wisconsin.

If it’s hand-painted art glass, and not ours, then it’s probably made in China. Look for their little gold label saying so.....unless it just “happened to fall off”.

Is it better to buy American-Made? That’s up to you to decide, but you’ll love our prices, speed of delivery, attention to detail, and friendly staff. Well, “love” may be pushing it, but you get the point.

You’ve made it this far, and are probably wondering, “What is hand-painted art glass? Is it leaded stained glass like in a church?”

Art glass is not traditional “leaded stained glass”. Unlike “church stained glass”, art glass is made on a single pane of glass. We use an acrylic enamel material to draw the “lead” lines on the glass. These lines form chambers that hold special paints that are applied by hand. The finished art glass panel looks like traditional stained glass, but at a fraction of the cost.

Is hand-painted art glass durable?

The paints we use are specially formulated to adhere to the glass and to resist fading for many years. Our art glass panel is going to last a long time. Probably longer than you’ll want to look at it!

Hand-painted art glass does have its limitations though. It is intended for indoor use only. The color is only on the surface, not part of the glass itself. It will not withstand exposure to wet conditions, so “No, you can’t hang it outside”.

Tell me more about the paint!

Wow! You made it into the “geek-zone”.

We use 2 types of paint on our art glass panels. The see-through translucent colors are a lacquer based paint that dries smooth. The feathery, crystalized paint uses dissolved moth balls....NO REALLY!... to create the crystals. It’s actually pretty cool to watch it crystalize. WOW! Lot’s to do in Wisconsin, huh?

Anyway....we try our best to remove the smell, but you may catch a whiff of moth ball smell when you open the package. That smell goes away in a few days. Most of our designs use a combination of the 2 types of paint. The wood framed designs typically have more of the moth ball type paint than the metal framed designs.

Anything else I should know about hand-painted art glass panels?

Umm....no, probably not. Move along now, nothing more to see here. We have about 2000 items on the site, that should keep you busy for awhile. I have to get back to watching the paint dry. It’s absolutely FASCINATING!

Kevin Edgar
Owner and Floor Sweeper